Integrating Faith for Social and Behaviour Change into Pagoda Structures for a Systems Approach to Capacity Development


  • UNICEF Cambodia and the Ministry of Cults and Religion (MoCR) have a strong level of collaboration, which allows for widespread engagement with the Buddhist education system and pagodas across the country.
  • Pagodas across the country represent places of safety for many children, but there is also evidence that violence can occur in these religious institutions, hence the need for a nuanced understanding of child protection in pagodas.
  • As an outcome of collaboration with the General Inspectorate of National Buddhist Education, which is part of the Ministry, it is now compulsory for monks to learn about child protection in their training. National regulation has been adopted for Child Protection Policies to be instituted in pagodas across the country, along with training of monks in how to implement these policies.
  • In addition to the child protection curriculum, UNICEF Cambodia has begun the production of Social and Behaviour Change resources to stimulate dialogue around reducing violence against children in the community.
  • The Ministry of Cults and Religion of Cambodia in cooperation with the Buddhist Cabinet of Cambodia developed child protection resource, Novice Sokha, a cartoon about a young monk who experiences violence at home. Monks can use this resource to support their dissemination of information about reducing violence against children in the community.

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