Multi-level, Multi-theme and Multi-platform Inter-faith engagement


  • The partnership between Al-Azhar University and UNICEF Egypt initially started through advocacy in the 1980s. With an enabling government environment, the involvement of the Ministry has shown success in joint advocacy and policy statements on child issues in the last few years. The program works through a two-pronged approach through the Ministry of Religion, and also through associated Imams and the students at the university. This program is now expanding to Coptic Orthodox church leaders.
  • The University acts as a conduit through which to reach out to varying levels of religious leaders as change agents. While this initially began with focus on support to child protection and care it is now expanding to a broader integrated approach to include other thematic areas.
  • The engagement comprises a continuum of approaches from delivery of edutainment media to role modelling among peers in order to better communicate information on protecting child wellbeing. A guide on Peace, Love, and Tolerance to protect children from violence has been developed from Muslim and Christian perspectives and translated into English and Arabic.

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